Mission Statement

Specializing in Wig Fitting and Hair Pieces For Hair Loss from Chemotherapy or Alopecia

Let me introduce myself: My name is Patti McSuley. I'm the owner and founder of Compassionate Wigs. I am a also 9+ year breast cancer survivor. 

*After my own hair loss from chemotherapy, I can relate on a personal level how hard it is to loose our hair. After fitting over 400+ women with their wigs, I feel I can ease this part of the treatment, as a cancer survivor myself.

*I strive to make your wig or hair piece look and feel as natural as possible.  I also love to give tips on wigs, the care of wigs & care of hair and scalp during and after treatment.

While I was happy with being a cosmetologist, I have found my passion in fitting women for their wigs, when they are going through chemotherapy. 

* I do believe no one truly understands how hard this part of the treatment is, until they have gone through it themselves.


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